How do Thrivous supplements compare to their competitors?

How do Thrivous supplements compare to their competitors?

Thrivous occasionally publishes reviews of competitor products. You can read these reviews in the Product Comparison section of the Thrivous Views blog.

In general, Thrivous supplements outperform their competitors in four ways:

  1. Science - In Thrivous supplements, each nutrient and each dose is based on multiple human studies. By contrast, competitors often include experimental nutrients or doses that don't match human studies.
  2. Quality - Each nutrient and their combination in Thrivous supplements is tested and re-tested multiple times to ensure its identity, potency, and safety. By contrast, competitors often rely on the test results of their suppliers, who too often engage in careless or dishonest practices.
  3. Transparency - Thrivous publishes a summary of clinical studies and a certificate of analysis and quality for each supplement. By contrast, competitors rarely publish their quality information and seldom make it easy to access primary literature with scientific evidence for their formulas.
  4. Value - Thrivous sets supplement prices to provide the highest ratio of evidenced-dose over price on the market anywhere in the world. By contrast, competitors often charge exorbitant prices for products with less scientific support and uncertain quality.
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