How do I apply a Reward discount to a product subscription?

How do I apply a Reward discount to a product subscription?

Here are the steps for applying a Thrivous Reward discount code to an existing product subscription:

1) At the Thrivous website, login to your Thrivous account. You should see the Account webpage with a "Rewards" section.

2) In the "Rewards" section, select the "Get Rewards" link. You should see a popup menu that displays your Heart balance, along with an "All rewards" option.

3) In the popup menu, select "All rewards." You should see a list of Reward options, including options for "$X off subscription coupon."

4) Select one of the "$X off subscription coupon" options and follow instructions to get the discount code.

5) Back on the Account webpage, select "Manage Subscriptions." You should see a list of your Thrivous product subscriptions.

6) On the Subscriptions webpage, find the product subscription to which you'd like to apply the discount, and select "Apply Discount Code." You should see a text field appear for inputting the discount code you received in step #4.

7) Apply the discount code. The value of the discount will be deducted the next time your subscription renews.

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