How does Thrivous develop supplements?

How does Thrivous develop supplements?

Science has enabled us to formulate nootropic and geroprotector supplements with the greatest potential to enhance mental ability and promote healthy life extension.

Thrivous supplements contain only nutrients and doses based on high levels of evidence for safety and efficacy from multiple clinical studies on humans — no experimental substances and no placebo dust. For example, see our lists of top tier nootropics and top tier geroprotectors. Because science is never finished, we monitor and analyze new studies, consult with our advisor board of physicians and scientists, and seek continuously to improve all of our supplement formulas.

Thrivous carefully selects each nutrient based on extensive analysis of decades of clinical research from scientists around the world. Our algorithms stack rank hundreds of nutrients by parameters that include evidence, safety, and efficacy. We group top ranked nutrients by complementary function. And we develop formulas around those groups.

In some cases, our supplements contain nutrients that may provide superior effect when supplemented together (for example, Caffeine and L-theanine in Surge). In other cases, our supplements contain nutrients that may provide superior convenience and affordability when delivered together (for example, Bacopa and Rhodiola in Clarity). In all cases, we take into consideration known interactions (positive and negative) between the nutrients themselves, as well as with other nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

In some cases, Thrivous may commission dedicated clinical studies to quantify the efficacy of its formulas. However, pending advances in scientific methodologies and systems, there are practical tradeoffs between, on the one hand, formulation rigidity required for dedicated clinical studies and, on the other hand, formulation responsiveness to the accelerating accumulation of relevant clinical studies in general. So generally, we rely on existing studies, which cover all individual nutrients in our supplements and some nutrient combinations in our supplements (see the summary of clinical studies, available for download from the webpage for each product).

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